Still Running after all these years

For the first time since I had a heart tuneup almost two years ago, I have managed to log more than 1,000 miles, shedding pounds and pounding pavement as well as beach trails along the daily routine. Having previously logged two marathons, I can’t imagine going that distance again — while I take to the bike today and arrive home in time to watch the end of the New York Marathon. So, here’s the primary reasons I continue to run after a double-bypass and all the other strains on my body over the course of 63 wonder filled years:

Still Running Digital 2007

Starting at the end, looking back from The Future

To back into the story that will unfold here, it makes sense to trace time to where Real News Network originated in the form of the Joint Operating Agreement band. We were all employed by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer as journalists until 2009 and the ignoble end of our newspaper, and all had a passion for Seattle’s creative music culture despite age and gender, ethnic and generational differences. As the paper began to die its slow death, we began to play and perform or own original music as a way to keep our creative spirits vital on occasional Sundays over the course of the final year of the P-I.

Here are two of the original songs I contributed, “Struck by Lightning” and “The Way Home,” both of which we performed live and then recorded with a digital four-track and mixing on a computer system in my old West Seattle House on Trenton St.

Down the Road

Down the Road Final Master June 1 CLICK TO PLAY SONG
Songs always take me back to the places and faces I have known over a lifetime of rambling, both on paper, in print, even in song. “Down the Road” is the final song, or the last song, I wrote when I moved here to the beach to begin my life of rediscovery.
What I have discovered in starting to write about real life again is that some of the previous work still has a raw ring of truth to it, which makes me at least fairly sure I have been true to myself first and foremost in what I have tried to create outside the walls of real journalism.

Angelo on the beach in the sun

Real News from the Western Frontier

Angelo and Eagle
Eight years have gone by since my last online expository living novel, Song of Cecelia, muddled up this Real News Net website. Lately, close friends have been making a compelling case for an account of my lifelong career as a newspaper scribe, carrier of news, newsman and real news editor in this era of fake news and false realities. So to start the story at its proper point, I refer back to the recent self-made movie of my life that includes a few of the songs and much of the images that will come to even more lasting life as these pages progress. I am calling the book Real News from the Western Frontier for some obvious reasons. First, my first real paying journalism job was as editor of the Western Front. Second, before fake news was in vogue, I created this “Real News” network to essentially account for the realities of my creative life, which were not news in the least. If you have stopped in for a glimpse, hope you enjoy the ride because I sure believe that folks have the right to enjoy themselves, and that is pretty much the good news of the day. Now, to the movie:

Real News Net

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